Residency for Jure Sanguinis

Applications for Italian citizenship through jure sanguinis in Italy are submitted through local government offices called comuni—the equivalent of town halls. Before you can submit your application, you must officially establish residency with a comune.

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There is a specific sequence of events to establish residency, including a formal residency check. Failure to properly establish residency can result in your application being rejected.

As part of our service, we ensure that your residency is fully recorded and documented with the comune that will be processing your citizenship application. We file all the necessary documentation and go with you to the appointments with the officials to interpret and ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you’re using our Apply In Italy service, we obtain all necessary copies of your residency registration for your citizenship application and spouse residency permit application.

Our service includes:

  • Full process guidance
  • Documents prepped and filed
  • Appointment support and interpretation
  • Official copies for citizenship application
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get about Residency for Jure Sanguinis. Don't see your question? No problem.

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  • Is the residency check required?

    Yes, the residency check is required by law. How the residency check is conducted varies by comune. You must stay in the area until your residency is established.

    You may see people online saying the residency check never happens and that you can skirt the rules and establish residency without ever stepping foot in Italy. This puts your entire citizenship at risk. It’s not worth it and we don’t work with these situations.

  • Can I leave the house?

    Yes, of course. You’re free to go about your normal, daily life. The main priority is that you remain available in the area until your residency is fully established.

  • What happens if I miss the check?

    Every comune handles this differently. Sometimes they will call, other times they may simply come by another time. Regardless, we’ll help you navigate this situation if it arises.

  • Can I travel during the process?

    Once your residency is fully established, you’re able to travel. You must continue to maintain residency in the comune until you are recognized as an Italian citizen.

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