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Finding rental properties in Italy is a unique challenge. Finding a rental for citizenship application purposes in a specific comune on a short-term basis with a landlord willing to rent to foreigners is like threading a needle with a blindfold.

Home sweet home

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for finding rental properties, especially with the narrow criteria of specific comuni and terms. Plus, short-term rentals in Italy are very uncommon. The most common lease terms are 4-year and 8-year leases.

We help by finding available properties through any and all means possible, all the way down to asking the locals in person. We then negotiate a short-term lease with landlords for the purpose of your citizenship application. Typically, these are 6–12 month leases with the option to break the lease with proper notice.

If you’re a full-service Apply in Italy JS client, we then use this finalized lease for establishing residency with the comune.

Our service includes:

  • Exhaustive rental property search
  • Full criteria evaluation from comune to size
  • Video tour of the property
  • Short-term lease negotiation
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get about Rental Locator Services. Don't see your question? No problem.

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  • How do you find rentals?

    We employ every technique in the book from searching online listings to asking the locals in person. Sometimes the piazza principale is the best way to find the hidden gems.

  • Can I see the property first?

    We record a video walkthrough of properties and send them to you for review before finalizing any contracts.

  • Are vacation rentals acceptable?

    No. Vacation rentals operate under a different type of short-term contract that does not allow for establishing residency with the comune.

    In very rare circumstances, it’s possible to find a property on a vacation rental site and then negotiate with the owner to take it off the market and sign a lease. This is very uncommon because they typically make more money from the property as a vacation rental.

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