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The Italian Passport is a full-service Italian citizenship agency helping citizens of the United States and United Kingdom obtain their Italian citizenship through ancestry.

We know firsthand how frustrating it can be to navigate the endless paperwork and bureaucracy dealing with multiple government agencies.

It's worth it. Especially with a trusted guide at your side.

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The journey of a lifetime

In many ways, The Italian Passport has been a lifetime in the making. Years of experience navigating bureaucracy in multiple countries laid the foundation for the benefits you get to enjoy today

  1. Foundations

    Born and raised in northern Italy, our founder, Silvia, moved abroad to live and work in the United States and the United Kingdom in the fashion and banking industries. This experience laid the groundwork for learning how to navigate government beauracracy, especially when multiple agencies and countries are involved.

    With relatives born outside of Italy looking to reclaim their heritage, Silvia's ability to navigate these government processes proved invaluable in helping them obtain their dual citizenship.

    This planted the seed for helping others do the same...

  2. Launch in Puglia

    With initial headquarters in London, The Italian Passport launched with case managers located in Puglia. We developed working relationships with comuni throughout the region to gain an understanding of the common roadblocks of applying for Italian citizenship in Italy.

    This eye-opening process led to us developing a rigid system of ensuring every potential citizenship candidate is truly eligible, has all the proper documentation, and clearly understands the process of obtainin their citizenship through ancestry.

  3. Beyond citizenship

    After the COVID panedmic and the mass adoption of remote lifestyles, the floodgates opened and people with Italian heritage began exploring the possibility of obtaining their Italian citizenship and living la dolce vita in Italy.

    Once again, our experience with navigating international beuracracy lent itself to helping people purchase property, understand their tax obligations, and truly enjoy embracing the Italian culture and lifestyle.

  4. Expansion to Veneto

    As we continued to grow, it became evident we needed to expand in order to not overwhelm the comuni processing citizenship applications. Silvia was in the process of moving from London back to her home region of Veneto, providing the perfect opportunity to establish operations in a new region of the country.

  5. Expansion to Calabria

    More people with different priorities and wanting different experiences  started workign with us led to us expanding into yet another region. An area with rich culture, low cost of living, and not overwhelmed by government demands like more densely populated parts of the country made Calabria the perfect choice for our next expansion.

  6. 1948 Cases + Against-The-Queue

    Having replicated our processes with successful citizenship recognitions across three regions of Italy, we expanded our ability to support methods of helping people obtain their citizenship through methods beyond Apply In Italy. We opened the doors to supporting 1948 cases for people to claim their citizenship through female ancestors, as well as those applying through Italian consulates in their home countries where the consulates are not abiding by the legal obligations to have citizenship appointments available within a certain period of time.

  7. The road ahead

    The landscape of Italian citizenship is constantly shifting. We always have finger on the pulse of what's happening and we can't wait to see what the future holds and how we can continue to help people realize their Italian citizenship dreams.

    Are you joining us?

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We're here to help you get your Italian citizenship. Depending on your case, there may be different ways to go about the process with varying durations.

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