Document Translation

Every non-Italian document included with your citizenship application must be translated into Italian and accompanied by a court-sworn testimony attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

We ensure your documents are translated with 100% accuracy to prevent any delays in processing your application.

Application-ready translations

It all comes down to this. The last step of the process for your documents before they get submitted for processing.

With your citizenship riding on these translations, this isn’t a job for just anyone. We work with professional translators with specific experience in translating documents for Italian citizenship purposes.

Our service includes:

  • Court-sworn Italian translations
  • Payment of required stamp duty
  • Documents prepped for application submission
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get about Document Translation. Don't see your question? No problem.

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  • Can I hire a translator from Fiverr?

    There may be quality translators on sites like Fiverr. That said, there are several factors to consider:

    • The translations must be court-sworn, not basic translations
    • The physical documents must be provided for the process

    These documents are the most critical piece of your citizenship application. Using a highly-trusted provider minimizes the opportunity for inaccuracies, not to mention the risk of documents being lost in transit.

  • What is a court-sworn translation?

    A basic translation is a translation of a document from its original language into Italian. This can be done by anyone with sufficient fluency of both languages.

    A court-sworn translation, however, must be completed by an individual registered specifically with an Italian court authorized to translate legal documents. Upon completion of the translations, the translator must present the original and translated documents to the court and attest to their accuracy.

    Only court-sworn translations are acceptable for use in jure sanguinis citizenship applications.

  • Do I have to give you the physical documents?

    Yes. Court-sworn translations must be physically attached to the original documents and then presented to the Italian court for attestation.

    If you are applying for citizenship in Italy, we will collect the original documents when you arrive. If you are applying in your home country, we will arrange a trusted courier service for transit.

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