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We help people with Italian ancestry obtain their citizenship and live their European dreams. Whether you plan to live in Italy or simply want to reconnect with your roots, we're here to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Most importantly...

We make sure it gets done. And done right.

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  • 100% citizenship recognition rate
  • Comprehensive evaluation of every case
  • Clear expectations at every step of the process
  • No-nonsense, detailed communication

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The truth is there are plenty of Italian citizenship agencies out there. And there’s enough information and DIY groups to make you lose your sanity. The problem isn’t a shortage of information…

It’s knowing what information matters to your case and what to do with it.

That’s where we come in. We know every case is as unique as the people in it. So we evaluate every case individually and apply our vast knowledge of the process involved to create a plan that will get you Italian citizenship at the end.

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Your Italian citizenship is only a few steps away

  1. Confirm your eligibility

    Confirm your eligibility and find the most advantageous path to acquire your Italian citizenship.

  2. Gather your documents

    Collect and prepare all the documents for your citizenship application (or let us do it for you).

  3. Apply for recognition

    Leave the bureaucracy up to us as we initiate the legal proceedings for your specific case.

  4. Receive your passport

    Live out your Italian dreams without limits, all thanks to your new Italian citizenship.

Experience the benefits of Italian dual citizenship

A life that most people can only ever dream of is within reach. We're here to help you take hold of it.

  • Connect with your roots

    The journey of exploring your Italian heritage is a rewarding experience like no other.

  • Future generations

    Your citizenship can be easily passed on to your kids and grandkids.

  • Live anywhere in the EU

    As an Italian citizen, you can live and work in any European Union country with ease.

  • No more tourist visas

    No more visa registration or limits to worry about when in Europe.

  • Sustainable lifestyle

    Escape the frenetic pace of life and work overload you're currently living in.

  • Lower cost of living

    Enjoy the dual benefits of supporting local economies and spending less.

100% successful citizenship recognition rate

We live for the moments people walk out of that office as an Italian citizen. Every emotional up and down, every difficult document, every learning curve becomes instantly worth it.

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Before and beyond citizenship...

We're here to help whether you're at the very beginning stages of researching and gathering documents or you already have your Italian dual citizenship and want to live la dolce vita.

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Frequently asked questions

The process of acquiring Italian citizenship is full of questions. Here are a few that we hear most often. Still have questions after exploring a bit? Let us know.

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  • Can you guarantee citizenship?

    We told you we’d be honest with you. No, we can’t. Because nobody can. And this is why we have a 100% successful recognition rate.

    Not only is every case different, every comune and every deciding official is different. To overcome this, we review every single aspect of every single case in meticulous detail to ensure that any roadblocks are sorted out before you apply.

  • How long does the process take?

    The length of time varies depending on how you’re applying (Apply In Italy, 1948, Against-The-Queue). Because of the nature of the process, it’s impossible to quote a specific timeframe.

    Apply In Italy is typically the fastest option.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price for full-service citizenship assistance depends on which way you apply. The fastest way to get a quote is to start with our eligibility quiz. That will get us all on the same page with what options are available to us and what’s left to do.

  • Can I apply from my country?

    We offer full-service Italian citizenship support for 1948 cases and Against-The-Queue filings in several countries. If you’re eligible for one of these methods, we’d love to help you.

    You can also apply through the Italian consulate you’re zoned for. While we don’t offer direct support for consulate filings, we can assist you with document retrieval. It’s also important to know that consulate filings typically take the longest, if they’re available to you at all.

  • Am I eligible?

    We created an Italian citizenship eligibility quiz to answer exactly that question. After completing it, you’ll know exactly what your next steps are in your citizenship process.

  • Can you help me DIY?

    We’re happy to help with parts of the process! Especially the difficult ones such as document retrieval or getting documents translated into Italian.

    We don’t offer DIY consulting services so we can fully dedicate our time to clients who need our assistance for the entire process.

Not sure where to start?

Our eligibility quiz is the perfect starting point to know your exact next steps in your citizenship process. You can start there or contact us with questions about any of our services.