Meetups & Activities

Moving to a new country can be isolating. New routines, new people, and a new language are fun… until they’re overwhelming.

We organize meetups and activities from time to time for our clients to meet each other and find like-minded community. It’s always a breath of fresh air when someone can relate to the same learning curves you’re experiencing.

Home away from home

We know it can be overwhelming establishing routines in a new country. We coordinate occasional low-pressure, open-invite opportunities for clients to meet each other, share stories, and talk about their citizenship journeys.

Sometimes it’s a simple meal together at a restaurant. Other times it’s a day trip to a nearby town to experience local culture. And sometimes, clients organize and host events in their part of the country.

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Available Locations

We offer Meetups & Activities for citizens or residents of the following locations.

Not sure where to start?

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