Italian Language Lessons

Learning Italian is one of the biggest learning curves when moving to Italy. Especially if you’re moving to a smaller comune, knowing at least a little bit of the language can go a long way.

We’ll connect you with professional Italian instructors to teach you the basics (and more if you want) of the language.

Benvenuti in Italia

Language is a key part of any culture. It’s no different in Italy. Second only to food, the Italian language is how people live in community with each other.

Here’s the great thing… Most Italians are incredibly kind and helpful when you show even a little effort to learn the language. You might even find enthusiasts wanting to practice your native language with you.

No matter your affinity for language-learning, we’ll set you up for success to make the most of your experience living in Italy. With instructors able to teach from the earliest levels to full fluency, you’re sure to find a fit.

Our trusted instructors:

  • Are native Italian speakers
  • Teach Italian professionally
  • Tailor lessons to your level
  • Equip you to thrive in Italy
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get about Italian Language Lessons. Don't see your question? No problem.

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  • Can I get by with English in Italy?

    In parts of Italy, you’ll be able to get through the basics of day-to-day life with English. That said, learning at least some of the Italian language will elevate your overall experience to a higher level.

  • How long does it take to learn Italian?

    It all comes down to two things: your natural ability to learn languages and (more importantly) your determination to learn. Even the newest Italian speaker can learn basic phrases and questions to navigate everyday life in Italy within a few weeks.

  • How much do lessons cost?

    Each instructor sets their own rates and you’ll pay them directly. They generally offer package discounts based on the number of lessons you purchase and some even have “survival Italian” starter courses to prep you for your move to Italy.

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