Local Area Guides

As part of our Apply In Italy package, we provide you with detailed guides about your city and region. You’ll never have to wonder where to find the best supermarket or coffee shop in your town.

Plus, we highlight popular locations throughout the year in your region so you can immerse yourself in everything your local culture has to offer.

Immerse yourself without getting lost

It can be intimidating finding your way around a new town, especially if you’re still learning the language. We’ve got your back.

We put together guides for every comune we operate in so you can find friendly faces all over town. Whether you’re looking for a pharmacy, laundromat, restaurant recommendations, or the local market days, we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

Looking to explore outside of your town? We also list popular nearby attractions your region has to offer.

Local guides include:

  • Essentials like supermarkets and pharmacies
  • Local markets and specialty stores
  • Restaurants & coffee shops
  • Regional sites & attractions
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Available Locations

We offer Local Area Guides for citizens or residents of the following locations.

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