Italian Passport Obtainment

Once you’ve been recognized as an Italian citizen, you can apply for your Italian passport, allowing you to travel, live, and work anywhere in the European Union without the need for a visa.

We’ll prepare and file your passport application and accompany to the submission and pickup appointments.

You are free to roam...

It’s all led up to this moment. Getting your Italian passport. All the work. All the stories. The emotional roller coaster of the whole journey culminates in this final step.

While the turnaround time between your initial passport appointment and picking it up is usually surprisingly short, the process leading up to that has become increasingly difficult. Passport appointments have become increasingly difficult to obtain, and the slightest of errors in applications have caused them to get lost in the process.

We’ll take the stress out of it all by securing your passport appointment, prepping the application, and accompanying you to the appointments.

Our service includes:

  • Passport application preparation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Accompanying and interpreting your passport appointments
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get about Italian Passport Obtainment. Don't see your question? No problem.

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  • How long until I receive my Italian passport?

    In most cases, your passport will be ready for pickup within two weeks from your passport appointment.

  • What are Italian passport photo requirements?

    Italian passport photos must be:

    • 35mm wide x 45mm tall
    • Color (no black & white)
    • Clearly show your head and shoulders

    Most local photography studios in Italy can take and print standard passport photos for a small fee.

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Available Locations

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