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If there’s one step that people get stuck on in their citizenship process, it’s this one. Your Italian ancestor’s records are absolutely essential for obtaining Italian citizenship through heritage. Without them, your application won’t even be looked at by Italian authorities.

We’ll obtain the necessary documents from the proper sources and ensure they’re ready for your citizenship application. Don’t have all the specific details and need some research done? We can help with that, too.

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Get key documents for your citizenship without the headache

Italian documents are often the most difficult to obtain. Depending on when and where your Italian ancestor was born in Italy, the process of getting those records can range from difficult to near impossible.

You’re in good hands. We offer document retrieval services across the entirety of Italy. Not to mention that we are familiar with all the common pitfalls of obtaining Italian documents. If the document is able to be obtained, we’ll make sure it’s done right.

As with all citizenship cases, your scenario might range from having all the specific details of their birth to needing some research done to find it. We  can help with both.

Our service includes:

  • Obtaining official records from the appropriate authorities
  • Alternative or replacement documents in case of destruction
  • Additional research, if needed
  • Delivery or holding of document for citizenship application
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Frequently asked questions

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  • How long to retrieve Italian documents?

    There are two primary factors that determine how long it takes to retrieve documents in Italy:

    1. How much information is known about the ancestor
    2. The comune in which the document is located

    Together, we can (mostly) control the first one. Through your own research or having us conduct research for you, we can gather all the needed information to reduce the likelihood of delays after requesting the document.

    The second factor, however, is complete wildcard. These documents are kept at the equivalent of a city hall office in each town. Depending on the age of the document, the ability of the comune to retrieve the document in a timely manner, and whether any catastrophic events have happened, this timeline can range from days to months. We always do everything in our power to move the process forward as quickly as possible.

  • How much does Italian document retrieval cost?

    If there’s enough information to be able to immediately start the process, the price is €300. If more information or research is needed, we’ll send you a custom quote.

  • Can I start the citizenship process without it?

    No. This document is absolutely required by Italian law in order to grant Italian citizenship through ancestry. There are no legal exceptions to this.

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